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My Linux Virtual Machine

On this page, I will discuss a Linux virtual machine that I have set up on my computer. I am using Oracle's VirtualBox Manager as the virtualization software to run the operating system. A virtual machine is an emulation of some specific computer system that uses your host machine's system architecture. It allows you to run multiple operating systems on one computer. The virtual machines are known as the guest machines and your actual primary operating system is known as the host.

My Virtual Box Management System Interface


Linux Mint desktop environment


Here I am running the desktop Linux Mint version 18.3 distribution on my computer. Mint offers several different desktop environments, a Windows like interface, low memory usage, and a large supportive community.

Why use a Linux operating system?

Linux is highly secure, compared to Mac and Windows. It is almost invulnerable to security attacks and viruses. As a Linux user you have absolute power over your system, and Linux can't make configurations without your permission. The OS is extrememly stable, crashes will never occur. It can be tailored and customized to an extremely high level. The Linux OS along with all available software for download is free.


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