Brian Perel

Contact Information: Phone: (508)-215-**** Email:
Address: 723 Maple Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90210


Hi, welcome to my eportfolio website. My name is Brian, I am a Junior Computer Science major student at Framingham State University. I have a strong interest in computers and enjoy doing IT and programming work. I currently work as an IT technician at the FSU ITS department. I enjoy traveling, martial arts, biking, parkour, and calisthenics. Here you will find my completed work for the CSCI 108, Web Site Development course that I took in the Spring of 2019. This includes a lawn care website, a coffee shop website, my resume, and a page displaying an interest of mine. The purpose of this portfolio is to display my web site development skills and abilities that I have developed throughout this course.

This was a course about the HTML markup language, the CSS styling language, and the JavaScript web programming language. It covers all the topics needed to create interactive web sites. I have also learned about the creative side of developing an attractive and likable website. This includes understanding what colors work together and what don't, choosing a good layout for a website, and the effects various shapes and boxes have on the asthetics of a webpage. I hope you enjoy my website!