92 Ace Street, Framingham, MA, Phone: 508-545-1230

The Coffee Spot


Welcome to your local coffee shop. Enjoy a rich variety of warm coffee on any day. We are proud to serve the best coffee in the neighborhood.

We have brewed drinks prepared from roasted coffee beans, taken the seeds of berries from certain Coffea species and mixed with others to create only the best coffee.

We provide a low-key, spacious, relaxed coffee setting and atmosphere for coffee enjoyment. Bring your friends, neighbors, family. Spread the word of our coffee specialty in town.

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Our coffee drinks:

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Specialty Page
French Vanilla Supreme Coffee:
Vanilla coffee with a rich and sweet flavor
African Gold Coffee:
Dark blended coffee with a chocolate flavored
Cream Brulee Coffee:
Creamy dark roasted coffee with a sweet taste

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Contact Us:

Phone: 508-545-1230

Hours of operation (as applied to all locations)

  1. Monday: 9am-9pm
  2. Tuesday: 9am-5pm
  3. Wednsday: 9am-5pm
  4. Thursday: 9am-9pm
  5. Friday: 9am-10pm
  6. Saturday: 12pm-5pm
  7. Sunday: 1pm-9pm

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